& Events


  From a minimum of 30pax to a comfortable pax of 280.
  Facilities available are Projection Screen, Rostrum, Audio Visual Equiptment, Microphones, PA System,
Clip Mic, Tv, and VCD/DVD player

Horse Shoe

An area to hold large meetings or events with the need of a stage and can cater up to 280pax

Cactus Groove

Small venue perfect for 40pax, Exterior are
surrounded by cute little cactuses

Crossroad I

Crossroad I being a popular venue it is situated next to D'Barrel (Buffet Area), holding seminars up to 100pax.

Crossroad II

Crossroad II holds up to 80pax  with its long hall providing extra back and front space suitable for Meetings and Event activies. 

crossroad III

a convenient venue with toilet situated outside in between Crossroad II and Crossroad III, it serves as well as crossroad I fitting up to 100 pax as well.

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Venue Setups
Double / U-Shaped