Food and Beverage
Watering Hole

  Enjoy your meals in an environment like no other, giving you a sense of the

Mid-Western ambient with a touch of motorcycle enthusiast memorabilia and woodcrafts from all over the world collected from one of the Co-Owner's adventures traveling around.

  Foods served are catered anything as simple as finger food, western or local food and canapes for cocktails.​


Opens 7a.m - 11p.m

Rock Mountain

  Rock Mountain by Eagle Ranch Resort, situated 120m outside of Eagle Ranch Resort. Serving you the best Local cuisine from the best of Negeri Sembilan's Bamboo Steamed Rice dishes to the Western chops.


opens 11a.m - 11p.m

Rock Mountain Dining

Bar &


Looking for a place to dine?
Simply unwind and relax. Indulge in some authentic Malaysian or Western cuisine, or have a drink at the Watering Hole bar.Like the places of respite for weary cowboys in the olden days, 

Melting Pot

A cozy venue usually setup for buffets and special events, 
Best for Medium Buffets up to 60pax and can expand the capacity up to 80pax with the out-door canopies in Eagle Creek. 

Melting Pot
D' Barrel
D' Barrel

Round and shaped like a Barrel  D'Barrel is a great In-door Buffet vanue for Large groups serving up to 180pax.



Venue for group bookings & event buffets.